All of my work is hand-crafted. 

Having dogs of my own and loving them the way you do I can say  that if a piece isn’t good enough for me, it’s not good enough for you.
If my wife won’t hang it in our Living Room, it’s not good enough 🙂

Created with longevity and quality in mind.

  • Archival canvas and inks
  • Hand crafted real wood (Oak, Walnut, Poplar) Frames.
  • Museum Series mounting boards


I spend hours on each piece to bring out details in the reference photographs, replace backgrounds, and  meticulously build up layers of digital “paint” with different-sized brushstrokes and textures. No computer algorithm can replicate the thoughtful brushstrokes of a human artist.

In place of physical brushes and oil paints I use a computer and other tools. My digital brushes are custom made from actual paint strokes and are as close to organic paint as you can get. They have been created specifically for my style of work.

Digital paint strokes, on a digital background
Digital paint strokes, on a digital background
Background palette unique to every painting
Background colors are unique to each painting

The main differences between how a digital painter works vs a traditional oil painter is the way they get an image to the canvas. A traditional oil painter often hand sketches their subject and other objects that go into their scenes, whereas a digital painter will use an actual photograph(s) as their sketch.

This is why having the right photo of your pup can make a huge difference in what I can produce.

Original photo (Erik Lawrson)
Original photo (Erik Lawrson)
Mattis cut from background ready to paint.
Mattis cut from background ready to paint.

My process in action in high speed

The video is a painting I did of K9 Mattis (GA Police). It’s a long process, but I hope you’ll get a feel for the love that goes into each and every piece. 

Once you have approved your painting, I send it over to my friends at PGHPrintShip, members of the American Alliance of Museums, to create an exquisite reproduction of your art on heavy weight acid free canvas.


It then gets mounted onto a museum quality hardboard, and varnished for protection and to allow it to displayed with out using glass.


Hand Crafted Frames

I don’t use just any frames.

The ones I exclusively use are made from red oak and built locally by a master furniture builder. 

They are unfinished which allow me to do the finish work and stain them to compliment your finished art.

NO filters or AI are used in the creation of my work. I  provide a Certificate of Authenticity to attest to that.

Whether you choose a digital painter or watercolor painter or felt artist to create your heirloom artpiece is dependent entirely on how you feel about the artist’s style. The fact that the medium is digital should not discourage you – if you love it, that’s all that matters!