Folks that commission me are looking for:

  • An artist they can connect with, rather then an ad that appears on Instagram where they have no idea what the end product will look like.
  • Looking for a totally unique hand-crafted piece of art of their best furry friend
  • Seen first hand the love and effort I put into my work from chatting with you to get the best reference image, to painting, printing and shipping.

A SINGLE dog created from a good quality reference photo. Price includes shipping anywhere in the USA.

  • $275
    $275 11x14 Framed

    13.5 x 16.5 Hand-crafted frame from white Oak or Reclaimed wood. Your art is protected by 3 coats of varnish so glass is not needed.

  • $235 11x14 No Frame

Additional pups are $50.00 each.

Want something bigger? Just ask and we can talk about the possibilities.

15% of every sale goes to supporting various dog charity auctions.

NO pre-payment or deposit. We work together, and I’ll email you a low quality version of the final painting. If you hate it, you have nothing invested.  🙂

Payment is due before the canvas is created.

I take cash,  check or Venmo

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If you are considering David at Wet Nose Creative for your portrait, you are in a very fortunate place. I found David by chance on social media, enchanted with a portrait that he did of a police K9. I took the chance and hired him to create a portrait of our beloved Herbert, an elder 'dude' that we rescued thinking he would only have a few weeks to months with us. More than a year later, Herbert is going strong. And we are totally in love with him! David did a magnificent job at capturing Herbert's courageous spirit, spunk and heart, and his knowing eyes. I could not be more pleased with the portrait, and I am very grateful to David for investing his heart and time into this project. David, from our hearts to yours, the biggest hug and thank YOU!