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Me with Gracie & Dozer
Me with Gracie & Dozer
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Hi Ya

I’m David, owner of Wet Nose Creative in Pittsburgh PA. And I’m totally obsessed with dogs…. especially Lab’s

If you have a dog you love, it would truly be my honor to do a painting of them for you. 

It was only mid last year that I decided to open myself up to doing mixed media paintings as a part-time business for the general public.

...the history

I started learning how to create these mix media dog paintings during the pandemic. Having 2 labs at the time, there was never a lack of material to practice with. Whether you have labs or not, I’m sure you know what I mean. Any dog will keep you on your toes as you just never know what’s coming next. Just one of a million things I love about them. 

I have a long history with them. I’ve always had a few Labs at a time.. right now, I only have my girl Gracie left, who just turned 13. I also spent about 10 years as a volunteer dog rescue photographer helping shelters throughout the city. 

Then the pandemic came.. so my photography went on hold.. indefinitely. 

Still looking for ways to help support the dog community, I found my way to learning how to create the mixed Media paintings you see in my gallery. I studied hard and did lots of paintings before I even thought to launch Wet Nose Creative. And here we are! (as of late 2022)

..on giving back

Whether it be rescue’s or police K9 charities that help provide protective K9 equipment, I love giving back! 

The very first piece I did as Wet Nose Creative was for a dog rescue auction to help raise money. My heart has never changed in that regard, I love being able to give back and advocate for dogs. And it’s not just dog rescue.. I also try to help various police K9 charities. 

I only launched this “thing” late 2022 and already I have been able to help raise over $2500.. I know it’s not tons, but I’m just getting started 🙂

..ongoing training

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My goal is to be the best mixed media painter there is when it comes to dogs. To do that, I  continuously learn and train. I have been studying this technique since 2021 at the Beyond the Brushes Studio.

The studio is run by Michelle Parsley who is not only the founder and originator of the techniques I use, but also holds a Master Artist degree, a Master Photographer degree, as well as a Photographic Craftsman Degree and is a Certified Professional Photographer.

It is so important to me to create the best work I can.. these dogs deserve it.

In Memory

Maggie Da'Moo
Dozer Christopher