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Dog Portrait Artist


There is a deep bond that occurs with our dogs. It’s a love that transcends mere affection. It’s a lifetime of slobbery kisses, quiet company, and unbridled chaos. 

It’s a language spoken in playful nips, soulful gazes, and the warm weight of a furry blockhead on your lap. But sometimes, love yearns for a tangible expression, a way to solidify these impermanent moments into something to last a lifetime. I specialize in creating mixed media dog portrait paintings, with a classic timeless elegance that transcend mere images.

They are not just decorative pieces, but soul-stiring portraits that let their spirit shine though. They’re visual expressions of love that say “I remember …”

Each piece I create is a reflection of your journey together. You’ll see your dog in every brushstroke, his spirit shining in every vibrant hue, and love etched into the very craftsmanship of every piece.

A one of a kind masterpiece – A reminder of the joy and love you share.

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